We invite all candidates to become “Friends of the Firm.”  We are always looking for highly talented and successful individuals and are very interested in expanding our network of candidates and experts in the field.  We believe that all candidates and prospects deserve our respect and confidence. We always try and respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Our commitment to candidates is to provide the clarity they need to be a well prepared candidate and to have an open and honest dialogue throughout the process.

If you would like to join our network of exceptional financial officers and/or would like our opinion or advice on the market, please do not hesitate to send us a note about your goals (along with your resume) to . Confidentiality is, of course, absolutely guaranteed!
If you would like our informed opinion about the current marketplace, compensation, and/or requirements for advancement and desire discreet, objective and independent advice please contact us to set up a time to talk. .
There a growing number of sources for information on the world of financial officers. The following are a few sites and publications that we use on a regularly basis to say abreast of the changing world of the CFO:

  • Wall Street Journal – CFO Journal heavily sponsored by Deloitte, but The Journal is putting significant effort behind this product.
  • CFO.Com – comprehensive review of issues that affect financial officers.
  • LinkedIn – there are many interesting groups that sometimes have thought provoking discussions!
  • Deal Breaker – entertaining and often ahead of the curve

If you believe that we can improve the service we provide or have an idea about a white paper you believe has broad appeal, we would like your feedback. We always strive to improve the way that we work and are very appreciative of feedback. And most importantly, if you believe that we can be helpful to you and/or your firm please contact us directly to discuss how we can help.  ( / 646-783-1435)